Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kitty care

Kittens are prone to many kinds of virus. Especially if the mother is not perfectly healthy, essential care is needed for the kittens to make sure they survive till at least 2 months, which is the youngest age for them to get vaccinated. After all the tragedies and traumas, we are left with 6 kittens, looking good every day and we hope to make sure all of them grow up healthily. So since few weeks back, we've been monitoring each and everyone's mood, behaviour and appetite.

Last week, we sent 2 kitties (from 2 different mothers) to the vet since both of them refused to eat and looked pale and weak. They both have watery eyes, but the vet confirmed they did not have flu or fever, so only eye ointment need to be applied everyday. Also, antibiotic was prescribed, 0.25ml for each kitten, twice a day. After a few days, both of them become active again, but one of them still refuse to eat on its own so we need to force-feed her everyday.

Another common disease we've been experiencing is skin problem. It's difficult to constantly maintain everybody's health at the same time especially since we've been having many visitors come and go once in a while. So we'll try our best from now on to make sure everybody is happy because, hey! - A healthy cat is a happy cat!





Thursday, November 11, 2010

More (about) cats!

Coming soon!

I've got so much to share with you, about the newborn kitties, the old ones, the ill ones (;c), the non-invited ones, and the cute ones!

Very very soon!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Puteh 2006-2009

Just to inform, Puteh has passed away last Monday (26 Oct 09). Let's take a moment to pray for her. Al-Fatihah.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's Mate-a-Date!


Hello. At the moment, the male cat is mating on the south side of the country. He'll be coming back in about couple of weeks.

For the time being, there's an available female cat to mate. If your male is looking for a one-night stand, here's the chance! :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cats to breed!

Good day~

I would like to inform that I have a Male cat available for breeding. So if you have female cats on heat and interested to find a suitable handsome Male for them, please drop your details to be contacted.

Description on my Male cat :

Age : >5 years old
Colour : Orange
Type : Long hair
Attitude : Very gentleman ;P

**Photos will be uploaded soon~

New batch of Lulu's

Hello, CatLovers~ Here's a photo of Lulu (Mommy) with her kitties taken about 2 months back. They are ready for adoption in about a month time. Do send in your details for bookings of these lovely kitties! Any queries, simply fill in the form on the sidebar and we'll attend to you shortly!